Currently English is no longer a special language to learn, because from an early age, children are introduced to this language.
In fact, until now there are many obstacles for them, especially in the ability to speak. Why ??

Indeed, many media that can help them  learn, including online media, especially YouTube. There are many videos of learning in online media. You know I found a site that I think is good enough for learning. Here I show you guys an Online Learning link on how  to be able to communicate with the English language.
According to Learn Real English, there are at least 7 rules you should follow.  So please study the following videos by Clicking this Links :

Step 1: Study Phrases, Not Individual Words!

Step 2: Do not study grammar rules!

Step 3: Listen first! 

Step 4: Learn deeply!

Step 5: Use point of view stories

Step 6: Use real english materials

Step 7: Use listen and answer

And Happy Learning …